Friday, July 13, 2012

Strength Day - How to Lift an Atlas Stone

I know you've been asking for it, and we have the answer.  We took one of Austin, TXs finest trainers and gave him our camera to see what he could come up with.  Little did we know, he would show us this gem.  Enter Landon Adams, coach and co-owner at CrossFit Round Rock in Round Rock Texas.

He's going to show us the proper way to breezing through Atlas stone lifts efficiently and effectively.  Follow his instruction, and when you first lift a 95# stone, be sure to do so with an experienced partner.   Don't be dumb.

Improving strength is an integral part to improving athletic prowess.  I doesn't come from just pushing a barbell over head or moving a machine around.  Adding in "unstable" lifts will always improve your strength and stability.   The key to becoming a redline athlete doesn't just lie in one fitness regime.  Incorporate the atlas stone lift to improve core, shoulder, and hip explosion.

Happy lifting.  Pop it!

DC aka Doctor CrossFit

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shin Splint Fix Step 3

Hello RedLine Athletes

Have you spent the past few weeks running with pain in the front of your shins?  Well fear ye not.  This little tender morsel of information will increase your ankle mobility, ultimately taking tension off the muscles that attached to the foot, making you pain free, and as a bonus, you become a more efficient runner.  BAM!

What you'll need is a band 1 and 3/4", wrap it around a post of sorts and get to mobilizing.  We're focusing on that dome shaped bone in the ankle just below the tibia called the talus:  See picture below.

When you wear high heels ladies (or guys....if you're into that, we're not judging), roll your ankle a ton, or sit all day without moving that ankle joint the talus has the tendency to rock forward, thus impeding your ankle mobility.

Poor Ankle Mobility = Inefficient athlete.  So... Try this out at home, and post your questions to comments

Happy Ankle Moby

DC  aka Doctor CrossFit

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fix your hips

So we're going to take a step back and look at hips one more time.  Hip mobility is one of the grossly under rated concepts in human performance.  I have 65 year old grandma's deep squatting in the clinic because having the ability to get into that position is one of the most human things we can do.  Your hips should move into a full FLEXION with EXTERNAL ROTATION position if you want to get down there.  Don't let the fact that it looks like you're shitting in the woods deter you from getting into a squat pattern.

Today we're working on Internal Rotation through the hip, and you might ask...well if I need External rotation, why are we internally rotating?  Good question, the answer to the question is simple.  Say for instance you can flex at your hip 90 degrees on one side, but only 70 degrees on the other.... Because the body craves symmetry, it will LIMIT flexion on the side that has "too much."  The fact of the matter is, to protect you from you, your body will limit motion and activity to heal itself.  Sure you might not have pain, but you better make sure you don't have dysfunction or asymmetry either.

So in order to get that internal rotation, ROTATE IT!   Try this:

-DC  aka Doctor CrossFit

Monday, July 2, 2012

Shin Splints Step 2

Happy long weekend/short week to all my RedLine Athletes.  Yes, that means you.  You have a holiday coming up, but your body doesn't care, nor will it give you a "holiday" from any pain or tension you might be feeling.   I have the perfect solution for that, and we're moving on to step two of your shin splint fix.  Mobilize your feet fool.  I pitty you if you don't.  I might even say I 'pitty the foo' who doesn't work the bottom of their feet before and after they run, jump, sprint, or squat.  You need a solid base of support; Use this...

Grab a golf ball for this one.  Aim for the crest of your arch. The arch is where a bunch of muscles come together to form a 'tie down' point.  Hit that with the golf ball for 30 seconds.  Your feet will feel amazing after, but during...well, it might hurt a little.  Happy mobby


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shin Splints got you down?

I've been getting a ton of emails regarding shin splints and how they are crushing my athlete's performance output.  It's no wonder you would slow down if you had muscle tearing away from bone.  You're body is slowing you down for a reason, but instead of medicating the symptoms, fix the problem.  Here's step one of many on the path to full recovery from shin splints.

Grab your mobility ball, enjoy.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hippy! Get off my lawn

What's going on RedLine Athletes.   Thus far you've spent time mobilizing those tight and taut muscles with all kinds of mobility ball work.  Get rid of that nasty gnar in your Quads, Hams, Hip-Flexors, and ITBands.  Now we're moving into band work.  The resisted band is going to move your joint capsules and make you more mobile.  ***Reminder, after we mobilize you have to re-stabilize those hips (we'll get into that shortly)  Work those tissues, rock those hip capsules, open your joints from the years of beating you've put on them.   Disclaimer:  You know your own body better than anyone else, if you feel crazy pain or symptoms like your leg goes numb and falls off... don't do this.  Work with your manual therapist and ask them what is the best route for you.

Happy Flossing

Monday, June 25, 2012

Your ITBand never felt so good

But wait, there's more.  For only 2 minutes a day you can be stronger AND faster.  Just send zero payments of $9.99 and you too can have ultimate mobility and balance.

Cheeky, I know, but here's the deal; Don't forget about your IT Band.   That beast is a major influencer in the position sense for your hip and knee.  If it's tight, you're going to be off balance, and it's not something you can just lengthen with static stretching.  That band of connective tissue between your hip and you knee on the outside of your leg is highly dense.  It's said, you could hook it up to 2 cars and lift them with a crane.  That's freakishly dense!  Long story short: that band of dense tissue ain't moving with some stretching, you have to mobilize!  So try this out:

When you're done moving that bad boy around, get after some Glute activation exercises to re-stabilize.  
Mobilize first, Stabilize next.

Happy workout,